Costa Rica Attractions

Costa Rica Attractions – Canopy Tours

Safe canopy tours have not been available for more than a few decades, but are today immensely popular among vacationers since they give you an opportunity to explore the canopies of the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest.

Canopy Tourin Jaco Costa Rica
Zip Line Canopy Tour

You can choose the style of the tour in accordance with your preferences, physical stamina, and adventurousness. During the more physically challenging canopy tours, you will pull yourself along suspended cables between small wooden platforms placed in the treetops, this is an amazing adventure for those bachelor party groups looking for some to share with their friends.

You may have to hoist yourself up to get to the first platform. If you want to sleep out in the jungle, you can book a spot in one of the primitive treehouse cabins. If you prefer more comfortable Costa Rica attractions, you can instead choose a canopy tour that will take you to the treetops using a construction crane. You will then ride from tree to tree in a modified ski lift. Regardless of which type of canopy tour you prefer, you will be able to explore a world located over 100 feet above the ground.

Costa Rica Attractions – Horseback Riding

What can be better than exploring the Costa Rican wildlife in this manner? Horseback riding arrangers can be found throughout most of the country and it is not hard to find a company that is willing to arrange a tour to your favorite Costa Rican locations.

horse back riding jaco

Horseback riding is also the ideal mode of transportation to other popular Costa Rica attractions. It has grown especially popular among bird watchers since a silent group of “cowboys” is less likely to scare away shy bird species compared to a noisy car. Depending on your schedule, you can book a short morning excursion and be back at your hotel in the afternoon, or embark on a several-day-long journey throughout the mountainous rainforest regions.

Costa Rica Attractions – Surfing

Costa Rica is a true surfers’ paradise and you will always have the Pacific coast as well as the Caribbean Sea within easy reach. Combine this with excellent surfing beaches with supreme waves and it is not hard to understand why surfing has become one of the most popular Costa Rica attractions.

If you have never surfed before, this is the ideal place to learn since the water is warm and it is easy to find a beach suitable for beginners. Ideally book a trainer, since this will make it less of a hassle for you to figure out the basic techniques. A good Costa Rican trainer will also offer valuable safety information. Classes are available in English.

Surfing devotes will be glad to hear that among the numerous Costa Rica attractions, you will find a wide range of amazing beach breaks.

Along the southern Pacific coast, you will for instance find Payones, a supreme left point that is considered among the longest in the world. Ideally, bring your own camping stuff along since it can be hard to find accommodation near this unexploited part of Costa Rica.

Most surfers that come to Payones choose to dedicate at least one day to the Peninsula across Payones. It is located no more than a 30-minute boat ride away and features a series of great right points.