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Costa Rica Fishing Guide

Costa Rica fishing guide for the Caribbean

If you want to catch some Tarpon fish during your Costa Rica fishing adventure, you might want to head for the pristine Caribbean coast since the northern parts of the Costa Rican Caribbean are especially famous for offering great Tarpon fishing. Tarpons weighing 36 kilograms (80 pounds) or more are certainly not uncommon in the Caribbean canals.

If you want to head for the Caribbean coast and engage in some Tarpon fishing the recommended season starts in December and continues into May. It is however possible to catch Tarpon here year-round, but if you arrive outside the peak season you might have to charter a larger boat that can take you from the rivers and into the open ocean.

Guide for the Southern Pacific

Merlin fishing along the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica is highly popular among sport fishers. As long as the water temperature is comparatively high, you may catch striped, black, and blue Merlin year-round in these waters. If you plan to book a Costa Rica fishing guide, you should however preferably do so for August, September, October, November, or December since these months are the best for Merlin fishing in the Southern Pacific. Your Costa Rica fishing guide can take you to several different Merlin spots along the Southern Pacific, including the drop-off near Matapalo.

Fishing guide for the Central Pacific

If you want to catch Merlin in the Central Pacific, you should ideally book a Costa Rica fishing guide for October since this is the very best month for Marlin fishing here. September is however also considered a good Merlin month, and so is November. You can expect to catch a few blue Merlins and black Merlins year-round in these waters, but they are much less abundant outside October. If you arrive outside the recommended season, you should ideally charter a larger boat that will venture further out into the open ocean where you can catch large Merlins year-round.

Several Costa Rica fishing guide operations catering to the Central Pacific can be found in Drake Bay and Cabo Blanco. It is also quite common for fishing guides to leave Puntarenas, Jacó Beach, and Punta Leona. If you stay at one of the popular tourist resorts along the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula, they may be able to help you to find a suitable Costa Rica fishing guide.

Guide for the Northern Pacific

The Northern Pacific is great if you want to catch Marlin. There are two great Merlin seasons in this part of the Pacific Ocean; one starts in August and proceeds until the end of September, while the other begins in mid-November and continues into March. In April, there is very little Merlin to be found here even if occasional catches do occur. As soon as June sets in, the Merlins will begin to return, but it is not until August that you can expect really large catches. Examples of popular fishing spots in the North Pacific are Potrero, Carrillo, Brasilito, Coco’s beach, Garza, Cabo Blanco, Tamarindo, Nozara, Sámara and Ocotal – just to mention a few.