Fishing Lodges

Costa Rica Fishing Lodges

You can today choose among a wide range of Costa Rica fishing lodges and making a decision can be an arduous task since there are so many different Costa Rica fishing lodges to choose from. Below we have compiled a list of five important things to consider before you book a Costa Rica fishing vacation rental, many clients are coming for a bachelor party retreat and have decided to take the fishing road. Hopefully, the questions will make it easier for you to determine which fishing lodge is ideal for you and your preferences for your next Costa Rica fishing vacation.

Costa Rica fishing Lodge Standard

Which standard do you want? Today, Costa Rica can offer anything from very simple rural cabins to first-class resorts. Do you prefer your vacation to be a little rough and adventurous or do you wish to be pampered at a luxury resort with 24-hour room service and modern amenities?

To Package or Not to Package

Many trip arrangers will take care of virtually everything for you, from airport pickup to providing you with the right equipment. They will also book a room at one or several Costa Rica fishing lodges for you and handle all necessary transportation between the lodges. Some vacationers do however prefer to travel more independently and arrange excursions, lodging etcetera themselves. Before you start looking for Costa Rica fishing lodges, you should ideally try to determine the wish type of vacationer you are. Do you want an all-inclusive package or do you prefer to book Costa Rica fishing lodges separately?

Preferred methods

Wish type of fishing are you interested in for this Costa Rica fishing vacation? Fly fishing in a jungle river? Deep sea fishing far away from the coast? Different Costa Rica Fishing lodges are ideal for different types of fishing and this should ideally be taken into account before you decide where to stay. If you wish to enjoy several different fishing methods during your vacation, you can either try to find a Costa Rica fishing lodge that is close to several different suitable glasses of water or book several rooms and travel between several Costa Rica fishing lodges during your holiday.

Preferred species

Which fish species would you love to catch during your Costa Rica fishing trip? This is naturally a very important question to ask yourself before you plan any further. Are those fish species most abundant along the southern Pacific coast or along with the northern parts? Is the Pacific coast best or should you look for Costa Rica fishing lodges on the Caribbean side of the country? Do these desirable species live in freshwater lakes and streams or are they strictly marine species? Perhaps your ideal Costa Rica fishing lodge is located near the mouth of a river that empties into the ocean?

Costa Rica fishing Lodges – Discounts

Is it possible for you to take advantage of any particular discounts? It is often possible to save considerable amounts of money by taking advantage of the various discounts offered by many Costa Rica fishing lodges. Are you a senior citizen? A returning customer? A member of a sport fishing organization? Perhaps you are a larger group traveling together and thereby eligible for a substantial group discount? By looking around and comparing this type of discount, you may realize that you can actually afford a longer or more luxurious Costa Rica fishing trip than you ever believed to be possible on your budget.