Pacific Ocean Fishing

Costa Rica Fishing Pacific Ocean

Northern Costa Rica

Along the northernmost stretch of the Costa Rican Pacific coast, most sport fish arrangers are found between Cabo Blanco and the Gulf of Papagayo Flamingo Beach. You can however find a lot of companies based in other parts of the region as well, including Brasilito, Coco’s beach, Ocotal, Potrero, and Tamarindo. Closer to the Central Pacific Ocean, you will find trip arrangers in ports such as Carrillo beach, Garza, and Sámara. These ports are found in a more sheltered region that is especially popular during the season between late December and early April since Costa Rica Pacific Ocean fishing here will be less windy than in the rest of the Northern Pacific.

The best fishing season for wahoos in July and August, for Sailfish May to late August, for Marlin mid-November to early March, and for Tuna August to late October. Roosterfish are caught year-round, but if you plan to visit Papagayo Bay the ideal season is November-March.

Costa Rica Fishing Pacific Ocean: Central Costa Rica

A lot of sport fishers come to these waters each year to enjoy a Costa Rica fishing Pacific Ocean adventure. The main catch is Billfish, but you can also encounter a wide range of other fish species. The recommended season for Billfish is December-April.

During the Central part of the Costa Rican Pacific coast, a majority of the sportfishing companies are found between Cabo Blanco and Drake Bay Quepos. Many trip arrangers can however be found in other places as well, including Puntarenas and Jacó Beach.

Puntarenas is a popular resort found at the southernmost end of the beautiful Nicoya Peninsula. Along the Central Pacific Ocean coast, it is easy to find trip arrangers that prepare longer journeys for vacationers, such as several day-long trips to Drake Bay where you can catch large Cubera and Roosterfish.

The best fishing season for Sailfish is mid-December to late April, for Marlin September through November (with a peak in October), for Tuna June to late September, and for Roosterfish from November through March. The best season for Snook is believed to be July-November, but this fish is a bit unpredictable. Wahoo is not commonly caught during Rica fishing Pacific Ocean trips to this part of the coast unless you go to Drake Bay and Caño’s Island where the ideal Wahoo season is June to early August.

Southern Costa Rica

If you want to have access to two modern marinas along this part of the Costa Rican coast, you can travel to Golfito, the largest town in this area. Playa Zancudo is another popular alternative for vacationers interested in Costa Rica Fishing Pacific Ocean trips. Zancudo is a narrow peninsula that does not only attract sport fishers, but other vacationers as well since Playa Zancudo is a great place for sunbathing and water sports. Zancudo is bordered by several rivers, and you can often catch a lot of sailfish here.

The best fishing season for Sailfish is from December to late March, and during August and September. Roughly the same season is recommended for Tuna fishing. The peak season for Marlin is August-December and for Snook late May to late July and in January and February. Wahoo is not frequently caught in these waters. Roosterfish can be caught 12 months a year.